February 4, 2024
Ryan Spencer
The Gospel of John
John 2:13-25

John 2:13-25

This sermon will start on 
February 4, 2024
9:00 am
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Discussion Questions

  1. What things compete with God for you attention and focus on Sunday mornings and how do those things distract you from worshipping God? Why is that?
  2. When is a time where your understanding of what God was saying or doing came much later than the actually work or lesson he was teaching? How can we be encouraged for the times when understanding seems delayed?
  3. How does understanding that Jesus knows your heart encourage you to live as a living sacrifice today?
  4. For this series through the Gospel of John, fill in the blanks: Because I am united with Jesus by faith and He is ______________ (king, God, priest, sovereign, love, etc), I will _____________ (testify about Jesus, not be anxious, rest in His love, give of my resources, etc) this week.

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