Mission & Values

The mission of Cottage Grove Church has everything to do with the desire to see the Gospel spread by word and deed throughout the city of Des Moines. In our local church context, we will be committed to this mission until Christ returns.


To be transformed is to take on a new identity; to have new life. Cottage Grove Church seeks to display the transformation of human life that comes through Jesus Christ to all who believe. The gospel meets you where you are at, but does not leave you there. We want to be a church that grows in our love for God and hatred of sin.

Matthew 22:34-40


To be authentic is to be honest with God, yourself, and others around you. We believe that because of the forgiveness offered through Jesus, we can be transparent, real, and vulnerable with our sin and remind one other of the grace we’ve received in Jesus.

1 John 1:5-10


To be a neighbor means that we “love our neighbors as ourselves.” We fulfill this call by seeking the welfare of our community and sacrifice our own good for the good of others. We desire to be loving neighbors where we live, work, and play in order to display to the world the love that Christ has poured out on us.

Matthew 22:34-40


To experience reconciliation means to have our broken relationship with God, others, and creation restored. This is possible through Jesus Christ’s work on the cross, who has broken down the wall of hostility. We desire for our city to be reconciled to Him through our proclamation and display of new life in Christ. We long for our church to be one people, comprised of different nations, races, and social statuses, coming together to worship Christ in unity.

Ephesians 2:11-22

Next Generation

To be a next generation church means that we will intentionally focus ministry efforts on reaching the next generation for Christ. We seek to reach, equip, and empower the next generation, for they will become the future church members, community leaders, and church planters. Our desire is for Cottage Grove to become a multi-generational church where the wisdom and experience of the mature can be combined with the strength and zeal of the young.

1 John 2:12-14

Our Story

In 2016, Cornerstone Church of Ames mobilized a group of people to plant Cottage Grove Church in the Drake Park neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa. The mission of this church plant was, and still is, to reach both the city and the campus for the glory of God alone.

Before Cottage Grove’s first service, the opportunity presented itself to purchase Cottage Grove Presbyterian Church in the Drake Park neighborhood. This building is located within blocks of the Drake University campus and finds itself right in the middle of the city life and campus life. By God’s grace, Cottage Grove became rightful owners of the building during the summer of 2016 and began to restore this beautiful building with the help of hundreds of volunteers during that summer.