January 28, 2024
Ikki Soma
The Gospel of John
John 2:1-12

John 2:1-12

This sermon will start on 
January 28, 2024
9:00 am
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Discussion Questions

  1. Like Jesus transformed the water into wine, what area of your life do you need Jesus to transform?  
  2. What is something in your life that if it were to happen you would consider it a miracle? (Share) What does it look like to trust in the Lord that He can meet that need?
  3. For this series through the Gospel of John, fill in the blanks: Because I am united with Jesus by faith and He is ______________ (king, God, priest, sovereign, love, etc), I will _____________ (testify about Jesus, not be anxious, rest in His love, give of my resources, etc) this week.
  4. Memorize John 2:5

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