January 21, 2024
Ikki Soma
The Gospel of John
John 1:19-51

John 1:19-51

This sermon will start on 
January 21, 2024
9:00 pm
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Discussion Questions

  1. How often do you pray for opportunities to go and tell (to testify) family and friends about Jesus? How often do you pray for your non-Christian family and friends to trust the Lord Jesus?
  2. Imagine regularly making three voluntary offerings and two mandatory offerings as an observant Jew. Imagine the financial cost, the animals that are slaughtered before your eyes, and the exhausting journey to the temple. That is the context of Jesus being the final and ultimate offering for our sin. How can we as non-Jews regularly remember and give thanks, outside of communion, for the sacrifice of Christ?
  3. For this series through the Gospel of John, fill in the blanks: Because I am united with Jesus by faith and He is ______________ (king, God, priest, sovereign, love, etc), I will _____________ (testify about Jesus, not be anxious, rest in His love, give of my resources, etc) this week.
  4. Memorize John 1:29

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