October 22, 2023
Ikki Soma
Daniel | Witness
Daniel 7

Daniel 7

This sermon will start on 
October 22, 2023
9:00 am
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Discussion Questions

1. Having a gentle and lowly King (Matthew 11:29) has brought comfort to so many, but how can having a mighty and lofty King (Daniel 7:14 and Revelation 1:12-18) bring comfort?

2. Students of biblical prophecy have been trying to identify the ten horns and little horn for aeons. Are the ten horns the European Union? Russia? United States? Ancient Roman empire? Is the little horn Prince Juan Carlos? Gorbachev? Antiochus IV? Why is there a fascination with identifying the kings and kingdoms revealed in prophecy?

3. As we are on the verge of a potentially divisive presidential election year, how does knowing that kings and presidents come and go, but only Jesus Christ is the eternal, almighty King change the way you look at the election?  

4. Memorize Psalm 2:12

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