January 19, 2020
Pastor Andy Norris and Pastor Rechab Gray

Vision Sunday 2020: Discipleship

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January 19, 2020
12:29 pm
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Choose pastor out of Veritas one of the founding pastors originally at the cornerstone, he designed it to be for college students to help them be more convinced in the Gospel and then be able to share it with their peers. But we're wanting to open all of this up to not only our college students but to all of our community people as well. So if you are a part of Cottage Grove in any capacity, we invite you to sign up for this class, we think it's going to be super super helpful for you beneficial, even if you are a theology buff, take it cuz you're gonna love it. We jump into justification, glorification, all that good stuff. So jump on in, it's really exciting. You can sign up online, you can start yet you know this information in your program, checking on that five week class taught by our very own Ryan Spencer, who works for our salt company as well as Jacob Phipps who's one of our deacons and those guys together awesome and so encourage you to sign up. So please turn to Matthew chapter 28. We're going to be diving in and to vision Sunday 2020 My job is I'm going to lay out the text for us that's going to set up for the whole vision that we have here for this church. I'm just going to go recap and I are sitting up here, going to walk through this text together, talk through some practical, just kind of vision that we got for you guys that the Lord's really laid on pastor recaps heart, it's been a joy to see him just have the Lord press upon just your soul. And you don't you don't some crazy stuff. You've got, like, super practical, like, like a framework for everybody. And it's really, it's really sweet. So we'll go through that, then we're going to transition into the time of worship together. So yes, we will worship Jesus. Of course we will. That's what we do. Adam White will then come up and share some really exciting logistical announcements for all of us. And then we'll conclude again with some worship together. So that's kind of the layout of the morning but let's stand together. We're going to read Matthew 28 starting in verse 18 verse down to verse 20. This is the end of The Gospel of Matthew after Jesus has risen from the dead, and is with his disciples, his final word. So say this out loud, verses 18 through 20, and Matthew 28. And Jesus came and said to them, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always to the end of the age. So here's the title for vision Sunday 2020. Our mission is to make disciples, our mission is to make disciples. Let's pray. Jesus asked that you would glorify yourself this morning, through the preaching of your word, through the lane out of this vision through the equipping of your people, God, we ask that the words of our mouths and meditations of our heart will be pleasing to you, our Lord, our rock and our Redeemer, glorify yourself today. God with the gospel of Jesus Christ be so beautiful this morning and we love our church. We love what you're doing in this place, and we can't wait to see what you're going to continue to do. So we love Jesus pray this in Christ's name. Amen. Amen.

So Matthew 28 is the classic Great Commission is what we say this is the the mission that Jesus Christ has given to the church. This is the classic text on evangelism. And we also believe this is the classic text on discipleship. It's actually one in the same and you'll be talking about that a little bit more later. But let's walk through this together. This is going to be our starting point, the primary thing that has given us all that we have for thinking about making disciples as the mission of our church. So our mission is to make disciples so we're going to see Jesus is going to lay out The mission, he's going to lay out the method and then he's going to lay out the means by which we make disciples. So our mission is to make disciples, this is a command from Jesus, that word make disciples is actually one word in the Greek disciple making, okay? So make disciples, and it's a command. So it's an imperative word saying, This is what you do. You go and you do it, you make disciples, there was immediately what he said to the disciples after he had risen from the dead. He had only been with him for a few days, he's ascending into heaven, and this is what he tells him to do. Go make disciples notices these guys don't have a PhD yet and understanding who Jesus is. The Holy Spirit hasn't even come yet. In fact, he tells him, you wait until he does come and then you'll be able to go and do this, but it this is immediate command, go make disciples, make disciples make disciples, and I love to how they he gives this statement to go make disciples of all nations. This gospel, this good news of Jesus Christ is for every single person person on the face of the earth, that God is in the Great Commission doing his amazing work of bringing all of the peoples of the earth together under one name, which is Jesus Christ. Notice how the vision for the multi ethnic church is in the Great Commission. It's not just found in Ephesians chapter two, it's found in Jesus's command to make disciples is infused in a multi ethnic church. So that's why it's such a huge deal for us here at Cottage Grove is to become that type of church that looks like the kingdom of heaven, because Jesus laid it out for us. It's in the Great Commission. This is what's fascinating to there is no caveat next to make disciples meaning on who is to go make disciples. Here's the answer. Everybody is to. If you're a disciple, you're called to make disciples. Doesn't matter your age doesn't matter. Your maturity doesn't matter your backgrounds. It's this Do you believe in Jesus? Are you following him? Then you go help other people follow him as well. making disciples is for everybody. That's it. That's the command. That's all of our mission is to go make disciples. But then Jesus lays out the method. And he's got the method. And here's the method that he lays out. Go, baptize, and teach, go baptize, and teach. You see it in the text, Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations. So what the grammar there is actually really interesting. A better translation is as you are going, make disciples. So it's this is how we do we, we just go in our life, a regular rhythm of what we do, we make disciples. This isn't like a separate special season that we're in. This isn't a special Ministry of the church or program of the church. This is just what we do. As we are going we make disciples, and I love this as well. We're following what our Lord has done. And all of this, our God came to us. He came from his heavenly places came down to earth to pursue and a redeem us. And disciple making is following in that exact same footsteps. We don't ask people to come to us we go to them. So you go across the hall and you declare the good news of Jesus Christ to your roommate, you go across the workplace like to the person next to you and you share with your co worker, we go across the street to our neighbors, we go across the countries across the oceans to declare the good news of Jesus Christ, we go to people. That's the first thing disciple makers do they go, secondly, baptize? So we do baptisms here, Cottage Grove, you've been here, you've seen them. But this is where we get it. We go and we baptize people in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Baptism is this marvelous ceremony celebrating the reality that you now have full participation with the tri Yun, God of the universe when you believe in Jesus. It's this huge celebration. It's this symbolic representation physically, of the inward spiritual reality of what's true and you now It's a tangible real step. So disciple making isn't just declaring this, this, this news that just sits there. This good news demands a response, doesn't it? Jesus is king. What are you going to do now? You're gonna believe it or not, those are your options. And when you do believe this tangible step of being baptized is what happens. We see it in Acts chapter 16. When Paul is in the Philippi, in jail, and the philippian jailer comes and he experiences an earthquake, and he's struck at the reality of who Jesus is, and who God is. And he asked this question to Paul, what must I do to be saved? And Paul says, the theological truth, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and he does and then what happens after that is this tangible next step, he got baptized, he and his entire household conversion is a tangible thing that also happens. So yes, it's a theological truth. Yes, we declare incredibly good news, but real physical Change happens in that marvelous step of baptism. So we call people to make a choice, make a decision, take a step, be baptized. And then finally, the other method Jesus lays out is to teach, to teach. Pastors aren't the only people who teach. Yes, we equip the local church to make sure that our theology is correct. To make sure we're not believing false gospels, to understand the depth and richness of the good news of Jesus and the redemptive plan laid out in this text, but you Cottage Grove, if you are a disciple, Jesus, a disciple of Jesus, you have been called to teach. You've been called to teach. So you come on a Sunday morning, you read your Bible on a regular basis. Yes, for your own spiritual nourishment, yes, for your own spiritual maturity, but also so that you can go and teach this good news and this beautiful gospel and this marvelous God to others around you. Your called the teach. Everybody is called to do that. So that's the method of we go and we baptize and we teach, but this is what I love to. So he gives us our mission to go make disciples, He gives us a method on how to do it. But then he gives us the means to actually pull it off. Because this is a daunting task. So okay, I believe in Jesus, I need to go now go wherever, across whatever, whether it's an ocean or an ethnic barrier, to make disciples, you're called to do that, and you're called to go in to teach and to baptize. And it's daunting. It is actually quite frightening. And I know many of us can admit that. But Jesus doesn't leave us hanging. And it says in the text itself, at the very beginning, right, did you see it there? Jesus says that all the authority look in the text verse 18, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Here's the first means that he gives you His power, the power to control all of heaven and all of The Earth, the power over all of the demons and all of the angels and all of the rulers and all the principalities of the air, of the mighty heavenly places of the Himalayas, of the deepest oceans of the deserts of all have created creatures to all of humanity, of governments, of systems, of institutions, of philosophies of everything Jesus owns at all. He has the power over all of it has the authority over all of it. And then in his spirit, he infuses that power within you.

That power dwells within you. He hasn't left you hanging, that powerful God dwells within you. So his power is one of the means and his presence is the second means because the final sad thing he said to his disciples is Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. throughout the Old Testament. God was constantly saying to his people, when they were called to do lofty things, do not fear Do not be dismayed for I am with you wherever you go. The key to peace and courage is the presence of the Lord. And God is saying, I will infill you with my power. And I will be with you as you go. As you go and declare these things, the means that God gives us to pull off this mission is more than adequate for us to get the job done.

So you can think of this way, we have all just got hit with that snowstorm, it's marvelous. And every single person or the majority of you had to do this marvelous thing of getting rid of all of the snow around all of us. Correct. So one way you could do that, which is not very effective as you just go use your hands and your feet to this kind of shove the snow out of the way. Some of you if you're desperate, you had to do that some of us you know, we have to use the card to scrape stuff off of our car, because we don't have a scraper. Welcome to the Midwest. Now some of us who are smart, we actually bring shovels and so shovels are really really effective way and that's normally what we do to get that thing done. For me. I decided to go overboard bought myself a snowblower this year. So guess what's happening now? So yes, shoveling snow is great. When you have a snow blower, you are subduing the earth, you are taking your cultural mandate and you're saying I'm in control right now, you're not sweating, you're laughing as you're watching this notice move out of the way and you're plowing all the way through and here's reality like, I actually don't need a snowblower. I could get it done with a shovel. If I was really desperate, it takes a while I could get it away, I guess with my hands. But here's the thing it is overboard with using a snowblower but boys a joyful all of a sudden to do this menial task. The Lord Jesus Christ has overwhelmed you with provision with his presence and his power. He's gone overboard in providing you with the resources in the means to get this mission done. So therefore, it's joyful. It's not hard, because the creator of the universe is empowering you and with you wherever you go, as you make disciples. So this mission is a joyful, joyful Mission. So what I love about this is that that's like the groundwork of setting all this up. But pastor recap is going to lay out this just very specific framework that we believe for some of you saying, Okay, so how do I actually do that practically get real with me? What does it mean for me to go and make a disciple? I hear that kind of theological framework. Talk to me practically. Well, that's what you're going to do, which is quite exciting.

Isn't that just good freezing right there. I love sitting under the Word of God free. So this is actually something that the Lord has been kind of stirring in my heart for a minute now. I think when I first moved even before I got here, I think it was probably the first time I appreciate but then we hadn't moved yet. We just talking and discussing like and what am I seeing at Cottage Grove from an outside perspective? So one of the things that I saw were, obviously people love each other, there was awesome fellowship. It was, you know, great to worship amongst the people that God It was loud in this building, there was all these great things. But one of the things that I saw that was was concerning if it continued as a trend was that most of the growth I was seeing was transfer growth. And not only transfer growth in the sense that this is just happens to be what's happening. But I even as I was talking to some of the people here, the way we even invited people to the church, we focus more on people who already had a church or a church background, and not on those who are who are completely lost and far away from God. So that concern me as a trend, and it's something I don't know who said it first. But they talk a lot about you know, the call of the disciples was to go out and be fishers of men. But what we as a church have done is we've just transferred fish from fish bowl to fishable. And I find that that's not only a Cottage Grove issue, but that's a around the world I would say was particularly in the West. We just see that we just transfer fish from this fishbowl to this fishbowl from this church to this Church, and we're not actually going out and going out with an insatiable desire to see the lost found in Jesus Christ. And so our call honestly, as the people of God is to go out again and be fishers of men. And this text is just pointing us back to that reality go out and be fishers of men. But I love the fact that this is also our favorite evangelism passage. You know, is that like, if you were to ask somebody, okay, where in the Bible does it go? Does it say to go out and share the gospel, we come to Matthew 28. And yet if you notice in the text, it never says to evangelize. That's not the word to use. As a matter of fact, the word he was talking about a Greek one word make disciples. I mean, if we wanted to say what that text is about, it's actually about disciple. So yeah, Can y'all say disciple last disciple is that is your brand new word? theologically? Nobody has said it yet, but that's exactly what it means. disciple lives, right. And so disciple Ising and evangelizing are one in the same way. We only make disciples of those who are either lost or believing. But listen, most of us how kind of separate these two things, we will say event. evangelism Is that me? That was very scary took me back to Philly for a second. We are good everyone.

Man. So making disciples sharing the gospel one in the same, I'm just going to jump into the practical reality for some of those bad habits. So if we want to talk practically on how do we actually do this, because we understand that our mission is to make disciples. We're all asking a question. So how do I do this in my life, and I think in Scripture, you can see it in these three ways. Building authentic relationships, assessing spiritual growth, and setting transformational goals. Building authentic relationships, a set Spiritual Growth and setting transformational goals. Now, over the next four weeks out of this, we're going to be preaching through each one of these things, of building relationships, assessing spiritual growth and setting transformational goals. We're going to be preaching through those four things over the next four weeks. And so we're going to unpack each one of these more practically over the next four weeks. But I just want you to know where most of this is coming from, it's coming out of First Thessalonians as we're just scoping the scripture to see, okay, how do they make disciples? How would Paul go about doing this? We see it so clearly in the text that he does these three things, build relationships, assess spiritual growth and setting transformational goals and we see it particularly with the church at Thessalonica. So you don't have to turn here in your Bibles. But if you look at First Thessalonians chapter two, one through eight, you actually see him unpacking what it looks like to build authentic relationships. And he uses this this phraseology that I love, he says they were so affectionately desirous of the people that Anika I mean, it's one thing to be a half affection for somebody. And it's one thing to have desires for somebody, it's one. It's another thing to put those two things together. And what he's saying is that we love you overwhelmingly with the great love. We love you with the kind of love that only God can give us for you. And he said, We are so affectionally desires for you that we are willing not only to share the gospel, but our own lives. And so when we notice in this text is that if we are going to build authentic relationships, the key is this word selflessness. Like real relationships are built on this reality that I'm more for the person I'm in relationship with than my own self. And you see it in the fact that he was willing to share any and everything so growing up I was a what they will call it down south Manish and we don't even know what that means. Man is just means that you like girls too early. And so I was one of those young boys who was like in kindergarten trying to get little smooches from Little kindergarten all that that was me I just don't judge me or my family by the way, because it wasn't like super discouraged for some reason so so then, you know, you get girlfriends and all of that and so Middle School comes around and and the way you date changes, right? Like they sorta kinda I don't know, this is a year middle school, but they start to think that you have your own money now I know why they thought that. But when you're dating in middle school, you got to start bringing gifts on Valentine's Day like lollipops are no longer cool, like, you got to do real stuff. So I remember I was dating this girl, her name was to Kira. My mom used to call her Bagheera from Jungle Book. Like, I'm so, so secure, but gira was dating her. And you know, every all these other dudes were coming with these like lavish gifts. They were they were bringing the school and I didn't do that. Like, I didn't want to spend no money because I was what you would call frugal. Other people call it stingy. And so I came to school like scared, terrified, like, oh, shoot. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. So I came home. I was like, I gotta figure out Valentine's Day gift. But I don't want to spend my money because I'm trying to save up for two K. So So I started going in like, like my mom's like old stuff gives that she got from ups. And I like stole like a mug from her like a teddy bear and like a pin, I don't know. And I tried to pick the stuff that I knew she wasn't gonna miss that much. And I brought it to school and I gave it to Kira. She wasn't impressed. And neither was anybody else in the school. And I realized at that moment that I'm just not for this girlfriend boyfriend thing because I really don't care enough about the people that I'm dating until I met Brittany love. And that was my wife's maiden name. Like that's hard to go from Britney love to Britney gray, like pretty low, so tough. But anyway, so I met Brittany It was the first time in my life that I paid for our check at dinner. And it wasn't even like, Can I just be real? It was before we were dating that I did this. Can I be more honest and you can't judge me. It was actually when I was dating somebody else.

So what's crazy to me is like, um, you know, I mean, like, again, I have no pay for anybody else's chicken dinner. But the two together. I literally at that moment realized I had a deeper love for this woman that I ever feel for anybody else in my life. And it was because of this reality. I was willing to share with her something that I wasn't willing to share with anybody else. See, when you really love someone, you're willing to share things. stinginess goes out of the water. And I want you to hear me, all of us are stingy in some area of our lives. Some of us are stingy with our money. But others of us are stingy with our time. So when we go and try to build authentic relationships, we act like we're actually loving the person, but we're not willing to actually spend time to listen to them. So building authentic relationships takes sacrifice. You can't be stingy with your time you have to give yourself over. And this is why discipleship has to be more and more personal because you can't do this with everybody. So you have to ask the questions. The hard questions like How did you grow up was your family life like, and sometimes you're going to hear some horror stories. But in the middle of that, if your whole hope is to build true and genuine relationships, you will give the time necessary not only to hear their story, but also to shepherd them through this, whether they are believers or not. So build authentic relationships. Second things is assess spiritual growth, assess spiritual growth. And you can see that in First Thessalonians chapter three, verse five through 10. And it's a wonderful passage where he's, you know, plant this church and he loves this church, and he doesn't know how the church is doing. And so he says this where he says, He says, When I could not bear it any longer, I love that when I could not bear it any longer. He writes to them and since for them and tries to figure out, man, how are you guys doing? And the key word in the text is he wanted to know how they were doing, not emotionally, not physically. He wanted to know how they were doing in their faith. He wanted to know how they were doing spiritually. He said, I couldn't bear it any longer. I don't know if you guys have just these moments in your life where you can't sleep. because something is so heavy on your mind and your heart that you you literally can't sleep. He says that's what I have for the church. Like I couldn't bear it any longer. So I sit How to figure out how are you guys doing in your faith? This is assessing spiritual, how are you actually doing? So my mom again, I love her to death. And she loves us to death literally. And so you know, there'll be these moments in time and now she's met the TAs, I can airy. So she now has this for him as well. But there's these moments of my life where because we're, you know, all the way across the country, I think is geographically, right, I don't know. Halfway, okay, halfway, that sounds better. So I'm in Iowa. She's in Maryland. And so sometimes you'll text or call me. And I might not be able to pick up at the time or not, might not be able to respond to the text, which I still growing and responding to texts, amen. So she'll text a call me, and if I don't pick up, she'll call again. And then she'll call again. And then she'll call again. And this doesn't happen every time but the times where it happens, mom goes into this like panic mode. We're like if I didn't pick up the phone, she like jumps from me not picking up the phone to he's dead.

And I'm like, and I know this is where I know is bad because she'll text 911. And now what what does it mean? What y'all think it means like this is an emergency No. 911 means I'm going to call 911 if you don't pick up the phone in the next five minutes, so immediately I you know, I pick up the phone, I'm like, Mom, everything's cool. He was just in the movies, or I just was able to text I was going to get back to you, I'm sorry, moms. And what I recognized in that moment is that my mom was not going to be able to sleep until she heard that her child was okay. Well, the same kind of heart My mom has for us physically is the same kind of heart that Paul had for the vessel and know that that's a lonely in church spiritually, that he could not sleep unless he knew how they were doing spiritually. And that shouldn't only be Paul's heart. That should be the heart of every single person who was sent to proclaim the gospel and make disciples, we should all have just a few people in our lives that we can't sleep unless we know how they're doing spiritually. Honestly, I think we, we because we live in this culture that we're in now, we've been more discipled and being I would nice than we have been in making disciples. So what I mean by that is we're so afraid to be invasive in someone's privacy. We're so afraid to ask uncomfortable questions. We're so afraid to ask them. How are you really doing in your marriage? What is your purity like, man, I wonder how do you deal with your anger that you share with us a few.

We're so afraid to ask those questions because we think it's invasive, that we would rather allow somebody to spiritually deteriorate instead of actually make them uncomfortable. And that is not the color the text the color of the text is for us to really know that we know where someone is in their spiritual life. So we as a church have actually done This with you guys. And I don't know if we have some graphs of here. Do we have like graphs in a joke? No, yes, no. Okay, no graphs cool is all right. Well, we've done this as a church collectively. And we've asked a question, I don't know if you guys are here, maybe about four to six months ago. Where are you guys at in terms of sharing the gospel where we had as a collective church, where we added terms of making disciples, and where are we at in terms of reading the scripture? So those three questions we assess, where are we at as a church? And so I got good news and bad news. The good news is that in terms of sharing the gospel, it wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Like, we, you know, we asked the question in the last three months, how many times have you shared the gospel, and the majority of people about 37% shared the gospel at least one or two times in the last three months? So that's awesome. The bad news is is the next highest number was zero and and then There were pretty much no numbers outside of that. And so what I found in that it was was, I was I was kind of struggling through how do I share this with our church. And the overall way I can share this is, guys, it's not something that you need to feel burdened by. It just shows that our hearts need to be discipled in making disciples.

So we assess the spiritual growth as a church collectively. And then we said, so how can we grow in this and this leads us to our last point, set transformational goals. Set transformational goals. It's not enough to know where someone is, we actually want to set them up to actually be conformed more into the image of Christ by setting specific goals. So as a church, this is one thing I'd like to change. One of the numbers that we had was how are you how many people are actually being directly discipled right now, and 30.9% says we're on 31% of you guys said I can honestly say I'm being intentionally poured into by someone else. So at least was the other presenters is yes or no question. So that means about 70% of our 700 person church doesn't feel like they're intentionally being poured into by someone else. All right. So that that to me, as a pastor says that something needs to drastically change. So here's our specific goal as a church, that that number would grow to, at least or I guess, decrease 70 go from 72% to at least 40%. This is my hope to at least 40% By May, okay, that that number will go from 70% to 40%. By man, we're going to talk about some specific ways that we can get there. But that's a specific goal for our church. And what I found leading small groups and leading you know, a group like this is that when we actually put specific goals in front of people, they want to go after it. It's not that people have a hard this is I don't want to be disciple. It's not the people We don't have a heart that says I don't want to come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. No one who has the Spirit of God is saying I don't want to be more conformed into his image. But oftentimes people don't know the next step to take in order to get there. And so we as leaders, and as disciple makers need to put specific goals in front of them in in various sectors of our church, and we're going to talk about those various sectors.

So I think one thing it's really important for us to to lay out for you guys is this idea of making disciples is not going to be a new program. We're going to start for all of you here at Cottage Grove. This is a culture shift for our entire church. Again, like as you are going, go make disciples like that this is just a part of who we must be. So I need you to say that there isn't just a new program we're unleashing to say, this is how we're going to get all of you guys to disciple this has to be something that the Spirit of the Lord does within us and infusing this within our church culture. But I will encourage you in Yes, it is we actually are already doing this and a bunch of different capacities. So number one, when you think about our large group gathering here on a Sunday morning, building relationships that completely happens here on a Sunday morning, where you interact with people next to in the pews or in in and around the church and you build relationships here at Cottage Grove, on a Sunday morning, you actually are assessing spiritual growth of observing people around you of striking up conversations even during the prayer time that we have. you're assessing where spirit where people are at spiritually, why you're assessing yourself where you're at spiritually, right. And then setting transformational goals. That also happens here as well. Some of you have asked this question to different people. Hey, are you in a connection group? Well, maybe you should think about checking out mine. That happens here on a Sunday morning. Or Hey, are you just going to come back next week or literally to your friend, your coworker? One, one transformational goal for them is literally come to church with me and that can be a massive spiritual goal for different people. So we do that in a large group gathering. We do that in a small group gather in our connection groups, we do those things, building authentic relationships, assessing spiritual growth and setting transformational goals, the thing that we're probably turning up the heat on, is this transformational goal setting. To say it is not enough for you to have just a marvelous group of people that you get to hang out with on a regular basis. Are you being conformed more and more and more into the image of Christ? Because of the connection group that you're in?

Connection group leaders? Are you turning up the intentionality? And and and the things that you are setting up for your group to say, are we reading the Bible? Are we praying? Are we sharing the gospel, we want to see in connection groups, that intentionality go deeper, so well, it already exists. We're wanting to turn up the heat a little bit. So this is a new thing that we're not going to program, but we will bless and encourage and because we're noticing that it's already happening. So we're just going to name it. And then we're going to go and say let's just make sure that continues to happen organically throughout our church. And that's discipleship group. So if you go on a Thursday morning to smokey row, I guarantee you at six o'clock in the morning, you're going to see Christina Lang and Roxanne kale, two of our single gals in our church, who are discipling other women reading the Bible together in smoky Rome on a Thursday morning. They've been doing that since day one of our church. That wasn't something that we said like, hey, this would be a great idea you should do that. It was, Oh, I'm a disciple maker. I'm going to open the Bible and share people how I understand the Bible. And we're going to walk through together and it's gonna be an overflow of my heart may be equipped from the local church. I'm going to do that. You can go into other areas you can find Devin kanab, with all of his guys like reading the book of Romans together. I know of like Barbara carlston and Allison steward and Deseret Rickenbacker they get together and they study scripture together and they encourage one another. There's this like, extra level of intentionality that so many of you are doing within this church and we're saying, Yes, that's it. Keep going, keep going. Are you in a group like that? Do you have friendships like that? We're actually the main purpose of you gathering together is to have the text open and understand Jesus even more. We're saying that's the type of thing when those things are popping up throughout our church. We believe that a culture of discipleship is now occurring. So that's what we're asking, Are you being discipled? Or should you be making a disciple right now and we believe that in that organic, just interaction of intentionality that could flow from a Sunday morning or flow from your connection group, we don't know or just literally you starting up intentional, intentional relationships with your co workers. These different capacities, we believe in building relationships, and assessing spiritual growth and setting transformational goals is a framework that can be applied to every context you find yourself in a large group, small group, discipleship group, unbeliever believer all across the board can be found. So what we're going to do now is we want to enter into a time of worship because here's what's true. Paul says this in Philippians chapter one, verse six, That it is God who started the good work within us. And it is he who will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. So if we want this to be a huge aspect of who we are as a church, that we actually live out our mission, to go make disciples, Jesus Christ is the one to start that work. Jesus Christ is the one to sustain that work. Jesus Christ is the one who gets all of that work done. So we're going to worship Him, pray to him. I'm sure the Lord's doing work on your soul right now. And what does it look like for me to be a disciple maker? Well, this worship Jesus prayerfully expectedly, for him to do that good work in this place. Amen. Man, let's stand together. I'll pray for us and then we will respond and worship together.

Let's pray. Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for the fact you could pass a recap or just talk about it you easily could just in your power and your majesty in your mind, bring people to yourself solo. You could snap your fingers and save people left and right. It could all be your work where you just only do it yourself. But instead, what you've chosen to do is joyfully allow your children to participate in the work of redeeming little things that you've commissioned to us. Sinners, who've been redeemed by your grace, to be a part of the marvelous redemptive plan of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ, worshiped by every tribe, and nation here has got you call us to be disciple makers who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples, God you are creating a new humanity underneath this banner of Jesus Christ being and you conditioned us to be a vessels to communicate that that would you use that in the From this church, we want to have a firm foundation God that fully establishes us to authentically be the unique presence that she has called us to be in this place. We want to be a reconciling community. We want to be a neighboring community. We don't want to be an authentic community, but seeing a campus in a community collide together and Jesus Christ got we long for all of that. But we know the way for that to get done is for us to do our original call is your paper. Go make disciples, God do that. In this place we pray. Amen.

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