March 15, 2020
Pastor Rechab Gray
The Gospel of Luke
Luke 13:22-35

The Gospel Rejected by Many

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March 15, 2020
9:50 pm
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Well, this is a crazy, crazy, crazy time for us, as a people, as a nation, as a globe. This is one of those moments where we find it hard to find places of hope. And by the grace of God, I was reading this week from Acts 26 and just going through 27 and Paul has just had a ship wreck with a hole bunch of people on board. And one of the most haunting passages in that text is when when the text says that that everybody on board gave up hope. Everybody on board gave up hope that anybody would be saved. Then God in His grace comes to Paul and gives him a dream. And he says to him that no one on board will be destroyed as a matter of fact, not a hair on their head would be touched. And as I was reading that text, I was reminded of the the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, that no matter what happens on this earth, we can say the same thing about every single person has placed their faith and confidence in Jesus Christ, that not a hair of their head will be touched, because when we see Jesus face to face, all things will be made completely new. So if you're struggling for hope, you're struggling and you're fighting for hope, remind yourself of the hope we have in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so because of that, I was pressing in and I was trying to figure out lower What would you have me to say this morning? Do you want me to preach a different text? And I just could not go anywhere else. Y'all know I got no problem pulling some fourth quarter audibles. I got no problem with that at all. But by the grace of God, he just said, yo, let's just keep preaching through loop. Because our hope does not rest in what we see externally but it our hope rests in what Jesus has done internally. And so if that is the case, we can continue on, just as we have been going, abiding in the Word of God through the Gospel of Luke, amen. I think in these times these moments where life is most difficult, our hope should not be to run somewhere other than Jesus. But let's run into the gospel of Jesus Christ when we will see Jesus on full blast, amen.

All right, well, Luke chapter 13, is where we are in our series. Luke chapter 13. will give you a chance to turn their in your Bibles. Thank you pastor Andy. Andy, I said he is has made it. Luke chapter 13. And we are actually going verse 22, through 35 verse 22, through 35. So I'm going to go ahead and read this passage for us. It says he went on his way through towns and villages teaching and journeying towards Jerusalem. And someone said to him, Lord, will those who are saved be few. And he said to them, strive to enter through the narrow door. For many I tell you will seek to enter and will not be able, when once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door saying, Lord open to us. Then he will answer you. I do not know where you have come from. Then you will begin to say we ate and drank in your presence and you taught in our streets, but he will say tell you, I do not know where you come from, Depart from me, all you workers of evil. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. When you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves cast out, and people will come from east and west and from north and south and recline that table in the kingdom of God. And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be lest, at that very hour, some Pharisees came and said to him, get away from here, for Herod wants to kill you. And he said to them, Go tell that fox Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow and the third day, I finished my course. Nevertheless, I must go home away today and tomorrow on the following day, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish away from Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it. How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers or brood under her wings, and you were not willing? Behold, your house is forsaken. And I tell you, you will not see me until you say bless it is he who comes in the name of the Lord is the word of the Lord. And I simply want to entitle this message please RSVP, please RSVP. You can go ahead and take your seats have you been standing at home as is our custom and reading the Word of God.

Please RSVP. I've been practicing this for a while so I want to say this properly. RSVP simply means respond to Cebu play. I hope that sounded real good back home, répondez s'il vous plaît and it's a French term that simply means that you need to reserve your spot. Now is as foreign to me as the action that it takes that it requires for me to take. I actually never RSVP for anything. And the reason why is because I really don't like large gatherings figure that if God's Thursday my heart enough to go at the last second that people will be fine if I show up.

Now, the reality is that most parties that's actually true, I show up didn't RSVP and they're like, there's plenty of food just come on in. But I've shown up to parties where that wasn't the case. My name was not found on the list and there therefore, even though the people at the front knew who I was, I was not allowed to enter in. See what this teaches us is that there are some occasions some gatherings that you don't need to RSVP for. But the more important the gathering, the more important that occasion the more preparation that has been put in, the more important it is for you don't RSVP before you show up because if you don't, they might not let you in. We come to a text we're not talking about just simply an earthly gathering. But we're talking about the heavenly gathering of the saints were all the saints of Jesus Christ are gathered together as the bride of Christ. And they are all coming to the front door and and the only people that are going to be allowed in are those who have RSVP. And so the question on the table is, have you RSVP? Because we're coming to a text where it makes clear that the God of all grace, yes, the God of all love will shut the door if you have not done so. Now, there's two primary sections in this text, you're going to see an invitation card and you're going to see an eviction notice, you're gonna see an invitation card and you're going to see an eviction notice. The eviction notice is from verses 31 through 35. But we're going to start by unpacking the invitation card in verses 22 through 32. Whenever you receive an invitation invitation card in the mail, it's extremely important that you recognize the different components of that invitation card so that you can respond properly. And these are the various components of the invitation card. First off, you have instructions. The next thing you have is some kind of PostScript that tells you to RSVP by. And then the last thing you have is what you can expect when you show up where there will be fun or games or food or drink or whatever you can expect when you actually show up. So this invitation card that we see in verses 22 through 30 are no different than the invitation cards you receive in the mail. It begins with the instructions.

Verse 22 to 24 says it like this, he went on his way through towns and villages teaching and journeying towards Jerusalem. And someone said Lord will those who are saved be few. And he said to them strive to enter through the narrow door. For many I tell you will seek to enter and will not be able see, this is the instructions of the text. And what you see in the instructions on the invitation card is that we are called to strive to enter through a particular door. The text begins by Jesus going through various towns and villages. The best way I think it could be said is cities and villages. And what this teaches us is something profound. It teaches us that Jesus has no partiality in his proclamation, for he preached this to both the prominence of the city and the poverty of the villages. This means that the gospel is available for all people. And as Jesus is preaching this gospel that is available for all people. A person responds and says, Is it really available for all people? He says, it seems like you're saying this includes everybody. But as I continue to hear you preach, it feels like some actually many actually, most are going To be excluded. What this lets us know is that Jesus is preaching is very different than our Proclamation. proclamation has become more and more inclusive. We don't care about sin anymore. We don't care about judgment anymore. We're not talking about those things anymore. But Jesus's proclamation seems different. So you can always tell the severity of the proclamation by the nature of the response. It's almost as though we're we're listening into a phone conversation between Jesus and this young man. And we don't get to hear what's on the other line of the telephone. But we do get to hear the response of this man. And if his responses that Lord are those who are saying only be a few people, we can kind of infer that Jesus has an yes and inclusive nature to his gospel proclamation, but also an exclusive one. So you friends, this isn't just Jesus's proclamation, but this is any kind of preaching that we see in the scriptures. It always includes a premise, followed by a promise. And the premise is always exclusive but the promise is always inclusive.

One of the most memorized passages in the world John 3:16, whoever believes in Him. Premise. shall not perish but have eternal life. Promise. When you hear Peters first sermon in Acts chapter two, he says that everyone who believes in Jesus and repents and is baptized premise, shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit promise and see this text is coming. And we're saying that somehow, someway, Jesus has laid out for us a premise and a promise. The problem is that many of us are either premise only people or promise only people. See those premise only people oftentimes will preach in such a way they say yes, there's greatness Yes, there's a gaze but in reality, there are some sins that are too great for God to conquer. But promise only people will say the opposite. They'll say there are some some sense too small for God to care. And you need to ask yourself the question, which of these two categories do you fit in? But I don't need to say to you right now that this is not a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, you can pick and choose whether you're going to preach the premise and not the promise. gospel proclamation that is pure always includes both the premise and the promise. So he says to strive, and that's the imperative of the text strive. He doesn't say to the young man, man, I know it seemed like everybody's going to be excluded. Noah seems like a lot of people are not going to be saved. But truly, truly I say to you, everybody's going to enter into the kingdom of heaven. That's not what the text says. No, Jesus responds in almost the affirmative. He says strive to enter through the narrow door. Friends, we know what it means to have a narrow door. A narrow door is the same as a compact Street. It all indicates the same thing, low traffic.

Now, if that's the case, he's saying you're actually right, that there actually are going to be less people who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this is a hard, difficult reality. Actually, most of us even at home don't want to hear this. But I need you to hear the word that calls us to the sex that drives this text and this this word, strive. The word strive means to fight, to wrestle, or to struggle. See what he's saying? Is that yes, you receive salvation for free, but this walk is still a struggle. As a matter of fact, I'll say it this clearly and I believe all of the Scripture points to this. That struggle is the clear sign of genuine salvation. Ease is the indicator of its absence.

Question on the table is do you actually struggle? Do you struggle? Do you fight? Is this war a war for you? as First Peter chapter two says or is it just lolly gallon frolicking through the window? See, for those of us who are actually struggling, it actually is an indicator that you know King Jesus, why? Because you have flesh in your life, and you also have the spirit in your heart. So those two things are at war with one another. The way you know that you're not a Christian is if there is no war. But he says strive, struggle.

I love playing the game, NBA 2K and I've literally been playing since 2K1. So that's 2001. Guys, that's about 19 year 20 years actually. And so I'm embarrassed to admit that, but I am almost certain that I have bought every single copy of MBA two k. Now, something's changed on NBA two K, I remember I had NBA two k one for a system called dream cast. And most of y'all don't even know what a dream cast is. But I have yet to get one on Dreamcast. And needless to say, the graphics upgraded, the simulation play has upgraded but some things have not changed. And one of the things that has not changed is the reality that you can go into the options and customize the gameplay however you want. So when I was a kid, I used to want to average 200 points a game. So what I would do is I would go into the settings and I would put all my attributes on 99. And not only would I do that, but I would take off the option where fatigue is or stamina is what it was called. So what it means is that all my attributes are 99 I could jump higher than everybody else. I can run faster than everybody else, I could dribble better than everybody else I could shoot better than everybody else. And I never got tired. Guess what I accomplish my feet of averaging 200 points a game. And I think oftentimes, we as Christians, come into this Christian walk and want to set out somehow an arcade type simulation, where all our attributes are on 99. And we no longer have to worry about fatigue or stamina. But that is not the Christian walk. That is not our faith. Our faith is a struggle. It's actually the struggle that is a sign of genuine salvation. So the question is, do you struggle? Do you struggle with sin? Do you struggle with pride? Do you struggle to love your enemies? Do you struggle with obedience to the law either In the speed limits, do you struggle? Do you struggle with injustice? Or is it just okay when you see other people hurting? See, this Christian walk is a struggle. It's times like these when we're seeing plague all around us, that we're reminded of the reality that there are other people in other nations who are already experiencing these kinds of hardships. So one of the saddest things in the world is that the only time we seem to care in America is when it hits America.

I wonder, should that be the heart of the Christian? The Christian should be wrestling long before this ever hit this nation. The diseases that plague other nations, we should be struggling. Why? Because we're homesick. The Christian is not home, we're home sick. Therefore there should be a struggle.

And so he says to strive after he moves from the industry. The instructions the he then moves to the PostScript and this is where your call to RSVP. This is what it says verse 25, he says, when when, when the master of the house has risen and shut the door and you begin to stand outside and to knock on the door, saying, Lord, open us, then he will answer you. I do not know where you come from. Then you will begin to say we ate and drank in your presence and you taught in our streets, but he will say, I tell you, I do not know where you come from, Depart from me, oh, you work there's of evil in that place. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. When you see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves cast out. See on every invitation card, there's always a postscript that says RSVP by date. What this is teaching us Something that is far more profound than a date. But we're called to RSVP by death. None of us know when that time is coming. But he says there will come a time when the master of the house has risen up, and he will shut the door. And you will be standing outside saying, Lord, Lord, open up to us. And he will say, Depart from me. I don't even know where you're from. So he doesn't just say I don't know you, I don't even know where you're from. This is emphatic, he's saying, we have absolutely no relationship with one another. Are s VP, have you done so? Does he know you're on your way? See, see here is one of those places in the text where I'm haunted. It reminds us very much of Matthew chapter seven, verse 21, through 23, where Jesus says something very similar. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord Do we not cast out demons in your name? Do we not heal in your name? Do not preach in your name and he will say, Depart from me, you workers of iniquity. I never knew you. What this teaches us is that when we come to heaven, and we see Jesus face to face, the nature of his questions will not be surrounding our past activity, but our present identity. Do you know him? Are you with him? Are you actually in relationship with him? It is not about what you have accomplished. It's not about what you've done. And if I can say it, like I actually see it in the text. It's not even about your experience of Jesus. It's about his experience of you. It's not the question of how are you experiencing Jesus? How was your time with Jesus? Do you feel like you know, Jesus never opened in the Bible, never actually going through Jesus Christ in the way that the show Scripture prescribes, but you think because you're a spiritual person that you experience God, therefore God is experiencing you.

But at the end of the day, if you say you're experiencing God in a way that is not aligned with the Word of God, then your experience is a fantasy. And at the end of the day, God will look at you and say, not what has been your experience of me, but rather, what has my experience been of you? Well, how do we know how he's experiencing us run to the Word of God. It makes clear what it looks like to actually genuinely experience Jesus to have true fellowship with Jesus. And I love the way that john says that he says it's so clearly if we believe in Him, we have fellowship with Him. It is our faith, our actual genuine faith that brings us into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. But if you read first, john That genuine faith will show itself out in various aspects of your life. The way you love is an indicator of your genuine faith. The way you care for one another when they're in times of need is an indicator of your genuine faith. And if you don't have these indicators, it might be that you have not actually RSVP and the call of the text is to do so. Now. This is a hard part in the text as well. He says in verse 27, I will tell I tell you, I do not know where you've come from. Depart from me, all you workers are evil here. Here's verse 28. And that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Make no mistake about it. Grief and gloom are present where God's presence is not. When God says the part for me, he's saying I have established my unique presence in heaven. I was That was my unique presence with the people of God. And I am going to send you to a place where you will not experience my goodness and my love ever again. This is why it can rightly be said that for the believer in Jesus Christ, Earth is the closest you will get to hell. Before the unbeliever, Earth is the closest you will get to heaven. This is a haunting, haunting, haunting reality of the text. Have you genuinely and truly are s VP. Then after he gets their PostScript, he then tells you what you can expect if you have if you responded rightly to the invitation. Here's what he says is a waiting for you. And here's what you can at home as pastor and he says, begin to practice celebration.

Look at what the text says. It says in verse 29, and people will come from the east and the west. That's us. Gentiles have from the north and the south, that's us Gentiles and recline a table in the kingdom of God and behold, some are last. That's us who will be first and some are first who will be last. This is a wonderful, wonderful promise to us. This is what you can expect. And what he's saying that you can expect are these two primary things recce and reward, rest and reward. He said people will come from the east and the west, and they will Rakhine at the table. So remember how we began we began with the fact that we have to strive to enter this race. We have to work for this. It is a wrestle towards the road to redemption. But once we make it all that's awaiting us, is rest and reward. He says you recline and this idea of reclining almost reminds me of the first time I got to go to the theater are out in Anthony. And it's kind of different than Flix brewhouse. Yes, they feed you in both places. Yes, they both have reclining chairs. But it's just different there. And I remember going there for the first time, and I was looking at all the row space. I mean, literally, we were able to bring my baby boy, and there was enough space for the stroller, y'all. I mean, it's just crazy comfortable. And then the screen is picturesque, beautiful. And what this reminds me is of the glory of heaven, right? Well, we are going to be required into some comfortable seats. And we're going to be with all of our friends and family in some way better than popcorn. And at the end of the day, what's on the screen is not some terrible movie, but it is the glory of our majestic God. That's what we're going towards y'all. So he says, look forward to that. reclining, but he also says many who are last will be first. And those who are first will be last. Man, this is crazy good news. Maybe it's not good news because you think that you're always going to be first.

And you think that Jesus is actually saying you who are first will be first. But that's not what the text says at all. See, the text is actually saying that those who are last and recognize their last this will actually be those who are bumped up to the front of the line. See, one of the things that I love to watch are the Olympics and I'm just gonna be honest with you, I don't watch swimming in the summer limits just being real honest, I don't do that. None of those like strong man sports because I was never strong enough the shotput and all that don't do that. I watch track. It's all on watching this track. And it's so crazy because you have these individual runs by these amazing athletes and when they finish first, you'll see them Be able to take upon themselves this gold medal and they stand highest on the platform. And then you have second and then you have third place and then the rest.

Well, I want you to know that all of life is an individual race. And all of us come into this race running as hard as we possibly can. The problem is that all of us because of what Adam and Eve have done, have been disqualified even before the race began. So no matter how hard we run, we still will end up last. But there is one who came down from heaven. One who stands who has actually not only ran the race at a good speed, but he has never been disqualified. He's the only one worthy of the gold medal. He's the only one worthy of first place but I love how Much this one name Jesus Christ loves us. Because though he finished first in an individual race, he turned his individual race into a team accomplishment. And he says that to every single person who have placed their faith and confidence in him, he says, I'll give you a gold medal as well. And he tells the officials to extend the platform because we're gonna stand with him on that podium, we will receive the same metal that he received, not because of our finish, but because of our faith. That's what's awaiting all of us.

So that's what awaiting us. That's what we can expect. If that's what the invitation card is saying. This is where you're going. All we need you to do is RSVP. Have you RSVP. Now after we move past the invitation card, we now get to the eviction notice. And if you notice the invitation card was from Jesus to us, but notice the eviction Here in verse 31, it says this at the very hour, at that very hour, some Pharisees came and said to him, get away from here, for Herod wants to kill you. And he said to them, Go tell that fox, Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today, and tomorrow and the third day I finished my course. Nevertheless, I must go on my way, today and tomorrow and the day following, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish away from Jerusalem. See here, it's not Jesus extending an eviction notice. It's actually us extending an eviction notice to Jesus. My fear, my fear, is that so many of us have the same heart as Herod does. And so many of us have the same heart as the Pharisees and don't even know it. See, when they say get away, get away, get away. It's the same words that Jesus said just some verses before. Depart Get away from me. It's an eviction notice. what's what's actually happening is herot is saying, Jesus, I don't want you around anymore. But notice how interesting it is in the text and I want you to pay close attention. It's not herot coming to Jesus, saying, Jesus, if you don't leave, I will kill you. Matter of fact, it's not even hair, its officials coming to Jesus as a representative of Herod saying, Jesus, Herod has said, If you do not leave, he will kill you. But rather is just some Pharisees coming and saying, Jesus, I heard from somebody else who works in a car from his uncle and his cousin, his solo. So the Harris said, He's going to kill you if you don't leave. What this teaches me is something very clear. The Pharisees are using Herod as a scapegoat for their own desires. So what's really happening in the text is that they want Jesus gone. They want Jesus killed. Yeah. Herod might have said the same thing. But in reality, this is actually what is on their heart. The Pharisees in this particular text, run play action. And I love play action, as long as I'm the quarterback, because play action works where you fake a hand off to the running back and he takes all the hits so you can stand in the pocket freely. Just Tom Brady standing there unscathed. Now, whenever a team runs play action, the whole purpose is for the running back to take the hit. So the quarterback doesn't have to hear the Pharisees are running play action using Herod as the running back. So Herod can take the hit of conviction. So the Pharisees don't have to. But listen, we must not do this in the church. We can't do this in the church. Ah, if you got a problem with john, you go tell john. If you got a problem with Mary Go tell Mary if you if you got a problem with one of the pastors come tell us so often and I've seen this even in our church, that this person will say Person A said that person B said that person c said they don't like you. And the reason they don't like you is because some of the things that you've been teaching in small group, well then how do I get to talk to person C, person C is only going to tell Person B and Person B is going to tell Person A Shouldn't I have a conversation with person C. This should be the normative way that the Christian works based based on Matthew 18. But this isn't normative to our hearts. And the reason why is because of the same reason of the Pharisees. We oftentimes don't want to take the hit of conviction.

So we need to kill this. But, I love Jesus is gullyness in this text, I hope you noticed it. He said, Go tell that fox. Remember this is king Here, right? man says, Go tell that fox, I love this. Behold, our cast out demons, then perform miracles today and tomorrow on the third day, I finished my course. In other words, go tell that cat, I'm doing all types of miracles. If he really wants to get at me, why don't he tried to do some miracles. But when I'm done, I'm done. And I'll leave, I'll pack up myself on the third day, not today on the third day, and I'll do it. But then he goes on and says this, nevertheless. And it's almost like he turns his attention to the Pharisees says, nevertheless, I know that's the haircut. But nevertheless, this is just for you. I think I must go on my way today and tomorrow in the following day, for it cannot be that a prophet shall perish away from Jerusalem. Man, the wording of this text is not well worded in ESV. What he's actually saying, is that only in Jerusalem do the prophets or the prophets killed. That's what he's actually saying. So he said, Actually, I probably should leave because It's only in this city that prophets actually die. He's getting smart with them. He said, See, I can go anywhere else except for the place that I've been uniquely sent to to preach the gospel. It's only in the place that I've been uniquely sent that people want to kill me. How I ironic. And then Jesus goes on wailing. And I want you to hear the emotion of verse 34. And listen to his heart for the people of Israel. He says, oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it. How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing? what Jesus is saying is that I would have given my life for you. I would have given it all up for you, just to care for you and to protect you. And they rejected his protection. How may that never be said of us that we reject His protection? See, this is Jesus using mother like language to talk about his affection for the people of Israel. And they rejected his affection. May it never be said of us that we reject his affection. See, affection and protection is what characterizes the love of a mother and Jesus's say, I have that for you. Why don't you want it? And this is the same plea he's getting. Each and every one of us I have this kind of affection. I want to give you this kind of protection. Why don't you want it it's a plea receive my love. is crying out for the cry out in the same way receive His love. Love. so desperate cry. But Israel, kind of like my mom used to say, has started to smell itself as a old down south word that we have for when you get into your teenage years and you start to believe that you a little bit more grown than you actually are.

See what else Israel has begin to believe is that they are adults. It's almost like Israel is this teenage eighth grader starting to think that they already in high school they already figured it out even though they haven't got a job. can't drive nowhere. You got to take them to date the person that you're telling them not today. And nevertheless, we still at that age thought we were grown.

Listen, this is so so so much a picture of our hearts today. That we like teenagers. Think that We're grown in God's economy. But I want to say this very clearly, you might outgrow your need for diapers. You might outgrow your need for milk. You might outgrow your need for crib, you might outgrow your need for a sippy cup. You might outgrow your need to have someone else drive you to the places that you will need to go. You might outgrow your need to have your parents sign a chaperone as a chaperone for you to go to the field trip that you want to go to in school. But you might even outgrow your need to show your grades to your parents when the report cards come out. But you will never outgrow your need for Jesus Christ. You are always dependent upon him. And the more and more we can live with the dependency of its infancy is the more and more that we can show off the machine jority of adulthood, see in God's economy is his dependency, and not in dependency. That is actually the sign of true maturity. Now, the end of the text era saying, Jesus, good Golly. And I just want to end here. He says, Behold, your house is forsaken. I mean, listen, Jesus is talking to them in the house he's talking about is actually the temple that stood in Jerusalem. He said, your house is forsaken. He says, and I will tell you, you will not see me until you say, blessing is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Now remember who he's talking to? He's talking to the Pharisees who would never say Blessings to you who comes in the name of the Lord, right?

Jesus is so gully. Jesus is so God, that He says, I'm telling you, I can bank on it you will say bless it is me who comes in the name of the reality is, is that all of us will say these words bless. It is here. Who comes in the name of the Lord Philippians chapter Sue says it's so clearly that every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father, you will either do it now or you will do it later. Now, if this is true, this should actually almost press upon us a need to be responsive, listen, with urgency, with urgency, for none of us knows the time that we've been allotted. These Pharisees could not have known the time that they've been allotted. As a matter of fact, when Jesus says that your house will be deserted Listen, he's actually prophesied the desertion and the destruction of the temple. That would happen in 70 ad almost 40 years after this, this conversation. There's no way in the world anyone would have predicted that the glory and grandeur of the temple was somehow in its dust. assertion and its destruction. Listen, he wasn't only predicting that he was also predicting the reality, that he would also somehow be exalted to this position of a greater glory and grander than the temple. But the way that that would happen is by his desertion and destruction. Listen to this, I want you to know that the cross of Jesus Christ is his invitation is that the cross at his desertion at his destruction, that he invites everyone to come and be a part of his team, to to somehow in not on your own strength, but because of what he has done to be brought to first place. It's an invitation to rest and reward the cross this is invitation. Listen, the resurrection is eviction. But it's not his eviction of you and I from himself, but it's his own. eviction of himself from the tomb. Jesus, the only son of God was not able was the Jesus, the only son of God, they were not able to evict him from Jerusalem but Jesus, the only son of God was able to evict himself from death. And if that is true, then we as the people of God can look at the resurrection of Jesus Christ and say these words is if he has been evicted from death, so can I, but not because of what I have done, not because of what I have worked for, not even listen because of what I have striven for, but it all rests in the accomplishment of Jesus Christ.

So, I asked the question that we began with, have you RSVP? Have you RSVP? There's only three proper responses to that. Yes, I have RSVP. And listen, don't think you could get away with not Jesus said he's going to be the one at the front door. That means Jesus is bouncing his own wedding and ain't gonna be no Wedding Crashers in heaven. Amen. Just letting you know, have you RSVP. Second thing you must do is follow the correct instructions, you must follow the instructions that he gave. And if he says you must enter, enter through one narrow door, namely through his name, that is the only door that you can go through to get to the kingdom. Lastly, be on time. Be on time when a party is extremely important, we're not talking about a 40 year old bash, but we're talking about a White House banquet when a party's that important. You not only need to be on time for the occasion, but you need to be on time and your RSVP. The problem is is that we don't know when that date is. So I beg you to do so today. For today is the day of salvation. Amen.

Lord. Thank you So much for your word. We thank you for your kindness. And we thank you for even through this crazy thing called technology, which so many of us make fun of, are allowed to worship together collectively. God, I do pray for anyone who has heard from home these words, to RSVP that they would do so today that they will respond to the invitation that Jesus has given in this text. And Lord, I know it's a very, very difficult thing. As we look around this nation, as we look around this world, none of us could have predicted this virus none of us could have saw what was coming. So Lord, if we couldn't have predicted what we're seeing today, why in the world can we think we can predict the life that we have tomorrow? We don't know when it comes to Lord would you soften hearts to respond today? We love you so much and we pray these things. In Jesus name, amen.

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