Revive: One Day Giveaway

Click on the button below to learn how you can participate on our Revive campaign One-Day Giveaway!

When we launched the Revive Campaign nearly three years ago, we asked you all to consider contributing to what we believed God was calling us to do as a church. Over the last three years, God has used many of YOU to help accomplish some amazing things through your generosity and His work within you as the local church here at Cottage Grove. When we look back at the three big goals of what we were hoping to accomplish, we can see how God has come through in using the funds raised to complete an unfinished basement, help support church-planting efforts, and eliminate some of our debt. We praise Him for what He has done!

We are excited to announce that on Sunday, June 13, we will be having a One-Day Giveaway offering towards completing the Revive Campaign and paying off ALL of the remaining debt that Cottage Grove Church has to its name! Our Elders and Give Team have prayed and sought out the timing and best way to complete this campaign and we believe that paying off our debt now will allow us to enter the new fiscal year free from all debt so that we can look forward to the future of what God would call us towards as a church.

We are inviting all of Cottage Grove Church to prayerfully consider your part in participating in this One-Day Giveaway as we seek to pay off the remaining debt and close the Revive Campaign. We have approximately $85,000 left on our mortgage and our hope is that we can pay it off in full with the donations received on Sunday, June 13. For example, if 175 people gave $500, we would exceed our goal! If 400 people gave $200, we’d come just short of our goal. To that end, we would like to invite you to consider your participation in this One-Day Giveaway!

We are expectant and eager to see what God does through your continued generosity! If you have any questions beyond what is below in the FAQ section, you can email us at or reply to this email directly.


Can I donate to the Revive fund before or after June 13?

Yes. The Revive Fund is open and will stay open until June 30. Effective July 1, the fund will close and all recurring donations will be turned off. If you’d like to change your recurring donation to the General Fund, you can adjust that by logging into your Church Center account.

Should I bring my donation on Sunday, June 13?

You can give to the Revive Fund before June 13, on June 13, or after June 13. If you give online or in the app, be sure to select ‘Revive Fund’. If writing a check, be sure to memo ‘Revive Fund’. The fund will close on June 30.

What happens if we don’t collect the full amount to pay off the remaining debt?

We believe that the full $85,000 will be raised! If we raise less than the total, the Elder Team has approved the use of reserves to fully retire the debt on June 30 and build our new budget without any debt service expenses.