Mar 28, 2020
7:34 pm

COVID-19 Update

We are monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and have been prayerfully considering the next steps for our church. All of us are in unfamiliar territory as we deal with this unique crisis affecting our entire world.

Read more below for updates on resources, ministry rhythms and plans moving forward.

Hello Cottage Grove Family, 

We are monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and have been prayerfully considering the next steps for our church. All of us are in unfamiliar territory as we deal with this unique crisis affecting our entire world. During this time of uncertainty, there are a few theological and biblical principles we must uphold as believers.

  1. We must trust God’s sovereign control. Our God holds the stars in their place and simultaneously cares for the needs of His creatures (Ps 8:3-4). His sovereign control brings us peace in the midst of fear (Matt. 10:26-31).
  2. We must be wise, courageous, and hope-filled witnesses . This is a unique and serious situation our entire world is facing. Our God calls us to ask Him for wisdom and He will give it generously (James 1:5). We need His help to be discerning and wise as we make decisions. Jesus has acknowledged plainly that we will have tribulation in this world, but we can take heart for we serve a King who has overcome the world (John 16:33). The Lord calls us to be strong and courageous in times of trouble, knowing that this courage flows from the reality that He is with us (Josh. 1:9, Matt. 28:20). 
  3. We must love and care for one another and our city. God calls us to love others as we love ourselves (Matt. 22:37-40) and when we love radically and care tangibly, our witness shines the brightest (Matt 5:16). Throughout history, the church’s witness has been the most powerful to an unbelieving world when they engage in acts of mercy and love to those in need during times of crisis. Thus, while our world seeks to preserve themselves, we must seek to be like our Lord, who selflessly served others (Phil 2:1-11).

Keeping these truths in mind, we actually believe us gathering together physically for Sunday services could hinder our ability to care for one another and our city. We do not want to put our family, friends, and community at risk by potentially becoming carriers for this virus and unknowingly spreading this pandemic into our local community. This would be the opposite of loving and caring for each other. Rather, we want to be as ready and prepared to care and love one another and our city as we possibly can. 

Therefore, the elder team has decided to cancel in-person services this Sunday and next (March 15 and March 22). We will have an online service at 10:00a via livestream during these next two weeks, striving to “meet” together as best as we can, even if it’s digitally. Praise the Lord for technological advancements! We will also be canceling all Sunday foundations classes, midweek gatherings, and connection groups for the next two weeks. 

Our hope is that after these two weeks are up, we can gather together again on Sundays and throughout the week. However, we will be deciding everything day by day as we move forward. This is a situation we will continue to monitor and seek guidance from our city and state officials. We will provide updates for you as we hear more and continue to prayerfully decide what is best for our church and neighborhood in the weeks and months to come. We will be sending out information about when and how to connect to our livestream this afternoon. Please continue to monitor our social media and website for updates.

We believe this is a pivotal moment for our church (Esther 4:14), that God has placed us in this community for such a time as this: to be his hands and feet of loving care and mercy for those in need. I’ve already observed many of you strive to care for one another and our neighborhood. I love our church! The Deacons are prayerfully deciding how to activate our congregation in caring for the needs of our church family and community. Pastor Rechab and myself are meeting with city pastors, the Mayor, and the Chief of Police on Tuesday to discern how we can collectively help our city. 

I’m charging all of you to continue praying urgently for God to do a powerful work in our world, nation, and city. Pray that He would heal, protect, and care for those in need. And pray that He would unleash our church to be agents of his loving care in our city. Would God use His church to bring many people into His kingdom during this time! 

Press on!
The Elder Team

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