Cottage Grove offers a number of different classes and training opportunities that we believe are foundational to the growth, knowledge and maturity of believers. We call these classes Foundations. Click on the class below to read more about each class.

Foundations of Cottage Grove Church

This four week class is intended for everyone who comes through the doors of Cottage Grove Church! Whether you're coming for the first time or for the fortieth time, we invite you.

At Foundations you will learn more about the Cottage Grove Mission, Values, and Rhythms. You'll also learn more about our Doctrine and why we do the things the way we do. Foundations is the pathway into a Connection Groups as well as a prerequisite for becoming a member at Cottage Grove.

Foundations of the Gospel

This five week class is for anyone looking to understand at a deeper level the foundation of the Christian faith. The course utilizes group discussion, Bible and article readings, and surveys to help participants learn, live, and share the Gospel.

Foundations of the Bible

This four week class will provide you with a basic skill set for studying scripture on your own as well as a common vocabulary that can be used as you seek to study scripture with others.

Foundations of Marriage

This five week class is available to any couples that are dating, engaged, or are newly married. The goal of this class is to give couples the tools, resources, and community they need to start their marriage in a God-honoring way.

Foundations of Leadership

This three week class is for anyone who may desire to lead in any capacity at Cottage Grove or in the community. This class does not guarantee leadership but is highly recommended as a first step to leadership within our church.