Apr 26, 2020
Pastor Rechab Gray

A Self-Reflection Guide through the book of 1 John

Day 1 | 1 John 1:1-10

His Light, Our Darkness

  1. How have you pondered the truthfulness of our faith recently? What are some of your consistent doubts?
  2. How often do you find yourself searching either the Scriptures or beyond for the historical reliability of our faith? How is this passage of an eyewitness account of Jesus' resurrection ("seen", "heard", "touched") an encouragement to you today?
  3. John employs the language of fellowship (Grk. koinonia) to describe our relationship with Jesus Christ. It describes a partnership—something that we invest in. Describe your degree of fellowship with God currently.
  4. Using a 1-10 range, how deep is your fellowship right now? Where do you hope to be in your relationship over the next couple of weeks? How do you plan on getting there?
  5. John calls us to walk in the light. It can be said that those who do not walk in the light haven't fully recognized that Jesus has already exposed and eradicated their darkness. What are some things in your life that you've kept locked away?

Day 2 | 1 John 2:1-29

In the World, Not of it

  1. We are called to not love the world. This is obviously easier said than done. What are the things of the world that are very attractive to you right now?
  2. On the other end, doing the will of God is eternal value. What is God calling you to in this season that you struggle with? When was the last time you got a sense of direction from the Lord? If we are called to discern what is pleasing to the Lord, what does your process of discernment look like?
  3. John thinks of many people who were with them but not of them. Think back, as hard as it might be, to those who used to walk with Christ but no longer do. Consider them. What categorized their life? Did you see anything in them that might have given you a sense that apostasy was possible? Now pray for them by name.
  4. Jesus loves us so much and gives us the opportunity to abide in Him. The privilege is fellowship. The responsibility is that we can’t deny Him. When are you most tempted to deny Jesus? Why?

Day 3 | 1 John 3:1-24

We Are His Children

  1. John loses his mind when he ponders the love the Father has for him!!! We are called the children of God. One day we will see Jesus! And we will be like Him!! Describe how you feel when you read the first two verses of chapter 3.
  2. Right after he talks about the love God has for His children, he speaks about what authentic childhood looks like. How well are you representing God as His child?
  3. Love is one of the primary litmus tests of being a genuine child of God. We are called to not be like Cain, hating others. Name the people you are struggling to love right now. Describe the depth of emotions you have toward them. Now take that before the Lord and pray for them.
  4. Love is not only heard, but also seen. How is God calling you to love demonstratively in this season. It is much more difficult in some ways than it ever has been, and much easier in other ways. Take time to make your member care calls.

Day 4 | 1 John 4:1-21

The True God

  1. John makes it abundantly clear that Jesus is both God and man, true humanity and true divinity. HALLELUJAH!!! What are some common teachings that speak against this reality? What is appealing about them? Which doctrine do you have a harder time envisioning—the deity of Christ or the humanity of Christ? Why?
  2. Verse eight says the famous words that God is love! How are you presently experiencing the Love of the God who is Love? List them out and celebrate!!
  3. God is love, is often quoted, but not the subsequent verse. “In this the love of God was made manifest, that he sent his only Son into the world that we might live through Him.” Jesus is the love of God expressed! Take this time to ponder and pray through the gospel.
    • His incarnation
    • His perfect life
    • His words
    • His works
    • His righteous life (Hebrews 4:15)
    • His atoning death
    • His resurrection
    • His ascension

Day 5 | 1 John 5:1-21

The True God

  1. In chapter 5, John gives a summary of all he has stated before. He again lays out the litmus tests of the true Christian. He gives two primary tests. Which of these two do you struggle with the most:
    • Love
    • Light
  2. In verse it says we can have confidence before God that he will answer our prayers. Recently I was listening to an incredible sermon by the man I call “my pastor”--Bryan Carter, and he explained that our prayers should combine gratefulness with expectation. We should always be remembering how God has answered past prayers and then expectantly pray for more. Let’s practice this now.
    • List out prayers God has answered in your life.
    • List out prayers of things you are consistently praying for now—or should be.
    • A fter making the list, go back and forth from list to list thanking God for the first and asking God for the second.
  3. Faith without practice is dead. Pray for someone who doesn’t know Jesus and declare the love of Christ to them today. Either call, text, video, whatever. Spread Jesus’ love today.