Our rhythms serve as the way in which we do life together as the family of God. We gather, we grow, we give, and we go, together. God’s Word articulates this well in Acts 2 and we want to be followers of His Word to us.


We were designed to be together to glorify the One who made us. We love gathering as a family. Our Sunday morning corporate gatherings are full of Gospel encouragement and joy. Our Connection Groups are another place where we regularly gather around the Word and in peoples homes. We’d encourage you to gather with us, no matter where you’re at on your journey with Jesus.


Our goal as a family is to encourage one another to become more of who we already are in Jesus. We believe God’s grace has showed up to us and gives us everything we need to grow in our love for Him and for others. We provide many different ways for you to grow in that love.


According to 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, we believe that God desires that we give away our treasures for our gain and for His glory. Jesus perfectly modeled this for us in His death and resurrection. Therefore, we want to help you have opportunities to do this. We have a number of different ways for you to give your time, talents, and resources .


“Proclaim and Display new life in Christ”. This is our mission statement as a church and the rhythm of Go has everything to do with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want our church family to grow and this happens by sharing the good news and by sharing your life. Check out our gospel sharing tool here (link to gospel sharing tool).