Cottage Grove Church Events


Foundations of Leadership

This is a four week class for anyone who may desire to lead in any capacity in Cottage Grove. This class does not guarantee leadership but is highly recommended as a first step to leadership within our church. Click here to register


This is a two day seminar that will involve homework assignments that will need to be completed before attending class times. There will be required reading, written responses and a group project. Please review the syllabus before committing to this class. Register here.



Join us in the Equipping room at 11:15am on Sunday, May 19th to learn more about Agape Pregnancy Center. 

Agape Pregnancy Center shares the truth and love of Jesus to each client that comes through our door.  All of our services are free of charge and include pregnancy tests, confirmation ultrasounds, STD testing, prenatal and parenting classes and post-abortion support.  Agape has been serving the Des Moines area for over 33 years and is completely donor funded.


Welcome to Cottage Grove Church! We're glad you've taken the time to join us for however long you've been attending. 

We'd love to treat you to brunch during the 2nd service on Sunday, May 19th. If you've attended CGC but haven't gone through Foundations or joined a Connection Group, this is a great place to start! During this brunch you'll get the chance to meet some of our leaders as well as hear more about what CGC is all about! 

We look forward to meeting you! 

Click here to register.

This brunch is intended for those who have not yet taken Foundations. Our next Foundations class begins June 23rd.