We grew up hearing as boys and girls
“There’s no story like the Gospel story.”
But behind those smiles and innocent curls
We were missing the depths of God’s unfolding glory.

We were always proud to wear our red, white and blue
Taught to celebrate the victories of old.
Many of those accounts may have been true
But the complete tales were never fully told.

Almost since the dawn of our country’s birth
Division has corrupted our very hearts.
For the color of the skin determined one’s worth
And kept generations of families torn apart.

Chains were the jewelry of those weren’t white.
They bore the marks of injustice on their skin.
No matter if they were silent or put up a fight.
And this, this was called a tradition-oh the ugliness of sin.

That was hundreds of years ago,
Everything is better now, or so we have been taught.
We assume before we even know.
We fail to see the battle for freedom is still being fought.

The same place where I learned
Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so
Is where I learned to be indifferent and quiet.
When the topic was race and politics, everyone turned,
No one wanted to start arguments or any sort of riot.

My people’s sin runs deep, underneath our kind lies.
Through our silence there has been much pain and division.
Have we ever stopped to think of life from their eyes?
How would that change the color of our vision?

I am not ashamed to be white,
For my Maker created me thus so.
But I fear I have let that mar my own sight.
And unless I change, this division will only grow.

God is the God of No-Longers
No longer hopeless, no longer orphans, no longer slaves
We are all made in His image, that’s why we show each other honor.
Jesus willingly died a murderous death and went to the grave,
And rose from the dead, showing no sin could ever be stronger,
That everyone of His own hand might know He alone saves.

This is why there is no longer a dividing wall
Unity can now happen with God, man, woman and child.
The Gospel brings us together, reversing the Fall,
This is the treasure of what it means to be reconciled.

The sad reality is that many do not see the depths of this truth,
Because when you’re the majority, it’s so easy to look the other way,
And lay the same corruptible foundation for the coming youth.
Let these gruesome facts drive us to our knees to pray.

One day in Heaven’s Gate we will live in perfect unity
No fear or shame but only Jesus’ perfect love and rest.
But even now, we should be a picture of this to our very communities.
To show the lost they too can be heaven’s guest.

Arise oh Church, the beloved of the Savior.
Live out our Gospel that shows compassion and justice for every race
For not a single one of us deserve this beautiful favor.
Don't you see? Reconciliation is the unfolding glory of God’s pure grace.

by Hannah DeCleene